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Will of Nicholas Appleyard, 1513

In the name of God, Amen, 25 June, 1513, I Nicholas Applyard of Braken Esshe, Co. Norfolk, Esquire, being hole of mind and of good remembrance do make my will in manner following, First I commit my soule to God almighty and to our blessed Mary the Virgyne and to all the Company of heaven. My body to be buryed where it shall please God me to dye. To the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinitie of Norwich, 20 shillings. To eche of the four orders of Freres in Norwich 20 shillings. To the parish Churches within the Hundred of Humleyard three shillings and fourpence. To evry household in Braken, Est-Carleton, Hethyll, Newton, Erleham, Warham and Testerton fourpence. I will have an honest preest to synge and pray for my soul and all my friends soules in the Church of Braken aforesaid for five years taking for his wages nine merks. To the reparation of my tenement wherein the lazars dwell within St Gyles Gates of Norwich 20 shillings, and to each other lazar house by the Gates of Norwich three shillings and fourpence. To the reparation of the Church of Bygrave in Hertfordshire 20 shillings. To the fraternities by the name of John in Baldock 20 shillings. To the freirs of Hychyn three shillings and fourpence.

To Roger my son all my shepe grazing in Erleham by Norwich. (To sons Robert, William and Thomas he leaves 100 sheep each, annuities from the income of his various estates and his large holdings of land and buildings. He names 17 servants, to whom he makes various small bequests of livestock and money. To his brother Henry Appleyarde he awards an annuity of 26 shillings 8 pence)

My household stuff at Braken to be divided betwixt my sons and daughters. To Alice, Anne and Mary my daughters towards their marriage 200 marks be paid by the advice and discretion of my executors. And if any of my daughters decease before marriage her portion to be evenly divided among those overlyvinge. If any daughter marry without consent of my executors she to have no part of this my legat herein expressed. My daughters to have thir exhibition and fynfinge honestly like gentlewomen by the advice of my executors at my cost till they be married, provided that if any daughter enter into any Religion or make any vows to live chaste my executors not to be charged with the exhibition of them.

(He makes a large bequest of land to his son Robert, and by default to a cousin) ..... then myne executors shall fynde a preest to synge for my soule and my friends soules for 10 years, taking the profits of the said lands for payment of the said preest and in other good deeds of pietie and charitie to the pleasure of God and helth of my sowle and all my fryndes sowles. And after 10 years they are to sell the said lands ..... and the money thereof comyng to be disposed for my soule and my friendsí soules. If my executors dye before that time making noon executors ..... then I wyll that the Pryour of the Cathedrall Churche of the Holy Trynite in Norwyche for the tyme beyng shall take the profittes of the said landes in lyke forme, paying the preestís wages and other deeds of charitie and for his paynes I give the said Priour £20.

I will that Roger my son shall take to wife such one as shalbe thought convenient by myne executors, and that he marry not but by the advice of myne executors, and I will that all my other sones being within age being heires to myne inheritance
be in case like ....... My feofees of my said 15 messuages shall stande and be seased to the use of my son Roger and his heirs male upon condition that if the said Roger make any sale bargain feoffment mortgages or suffer any recoverie to be had ageyn him of the said messuage or if he grant any annuity to any person or persons but taking the profits to his own use then my feofees be be seased for the use of Robert my son and his heirs.

The residue of my goods and chattels I commit and bequeathe unto the disposition of myne executors Thomas Lord Howard, Sir John Shelton Knight, Master Edmonde Howard and Thos Appleyarde of London, draper. And I desire and praye the Earl of Surry, Lord Treas of England to be supervisor.

The Inquisition

Taken at Norwich on the 15th of August in 10 Henry VIII (1518), Inq. P. M. E. 150, before Henry Russell, Esq.,
Escheator of Norfolk

The jurors say ...... the manor of Braken is held of the lord the King as of his honour of Hatfield Peverell, by fealty and a yearly rent of 2s. to be paid at the feast of St. Michael the Arch-angel for all services and it is worth 10 marks a year. The manor of Hethill is held of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk as of his manor of Fornesett by knight service, and is worth 100s. a year. And the manor of Est Carleton is held of the same Duke, as of his manor aforesaid, by knight service, and Hersford, by fealty and a yearly rent of 4d. and it is worth 100s. a year ....... The aforesaid messuage and 24 acres of land in ...... Est Carlton are held of the King in chief by serjeancy of laeding the other participators of the same service wherever the King should be in England, deputed to deliver 24 pastries of fresh herringe on behalf of the Bailiffs of Norwich holding the same serjeancy, and it is worth 5s. a year. The said manor of Stanfield and other the premises as aforesaid ...... are held of Thomas Duke of Norfolk, by knight service and are worth 10 marks a year.
Long before the death of the said Nicholas Applyard the aforenamed John Applyard (his father) was seized of a messuage in Heigham called Bumpsteded with faldage and 71 acres of land, 28 acres of meadow, 15 acres of pasture and a watermill and free fish and 14s. 7½d. rent in (10 nearby) vills and of 200 acres of land and pasture in Erleham. (He willed them to) Nicholas Applyard his son and heir and Agnes his wife and Robert Kempe ......They are now held by John, Abbot of the monastary of St. Benet of Hulme, by fealty and a rent of 13s. 4d. and are worth £6 a year. A messuage and 20 acres of land and pasture in Warham ...... were formerly held by Alice Rookwood, widow (mother of Agnes), to the use of the said Nicholas and Agnes and their heirs. And after the death of Nicholas ...... William Kerre and others were and are seized of the same to the use of the said Agnes and her heirs. The said messuage etc are held of Edward Duke of Buckingham, but they (the jurors) do not know by what service, and are worth 13s. a year. Five acres of land and three rods of meadow in Warham (held by Nicholas and Agnes and two other men) are held of the King as of his manor of Wighton, parcel of the Duke of Lancaster, by fealty and a rent the Jurors do not know, and are worth 3s. a year. Three acres of land in Est Carlton, in an area called the Frenches sold to the said Nicholas are held of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk as of his manor of Fornsett by service or serjeancy to be summoned to all suits of court of the manor of Fornsett, and are worth 5s. a year. And those 3 acres of land are held of William Soper, Master of the Hospital of St. Giles in Norwich, by fealty and a yearly rent of 2d. and are worth 20s. a year. Fifteen acres in Warham were purchased by Nicholas and 5 of the said 15 acres are held of Edward Duke of Buckingham as of his manor of Welles by fealty and rent of 6d. a year and the other 9 acres are held of the King as of his manor of Wighton, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, by fealty and a yearly rent of 9d. And the 15 acres are worth 5s. 8d. a year.